Bloggers Park is a one kind of effort to make human society under health awareness program.

Here we have tried to gather information about health issues,it’s complications and solutions to give you a better healthy life style, which deserves every person, but sometimes cause of lack of knowledge and without proper information we get scared in a small sickness, And result with hurry up we take decision fast where we have need to get operated by needle there we go for surgery.In fact in most of cases doctors misguided to patients.

God has gifted human body with important organs to operate it, Do you think that is there any useless part which we have need to remove?Human body get effected by food, All we know human body has need fuel for working and that fuel we know as Food and water.

So simple logic is that what food you take on it body does react.

An ancient Indian Medicine which knows as “Ayurveda” (The word ‘Ayurveda’ is a Sanskrit word which basically consists of two words. One is ‘Ayu’, which means lifespan of an individual. The second word is ‘Veda’, which means knowledge or science. So the meaning of Ayurveda as a whole is the science which deals with life span of human being.) there is well known slogan.



sarve bhavantu sukhinaH , sarve santu nirAmayAH |

sarve bhadrANi pashyantu , mA kashchid_duHkha-bhAg-bhavet || [ITRANS]

That means

All are ordered to be happy, be healthy, see good;

may no one have sorrow.

We are playing a role of messenger, which knowledge and information we have we give you, Please kindly notice “In some serious sickness it’s advisable to follow the instructions of your doctor.”


Better day starts with better health and better health you get with good knowledge.



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